ADD your tour Face Book

Add your tour to Face Book 

Go to >Marketing Tab>Media Share>Click on tour> Face Book 



To manually add your tour to Face Book -

1.Create and publish your virtual tour in realbiz, the URL link is the first link at the top of the page after you click on generate tour ( full branded tour) This is the link you will need to use for your Face Book page.

2.Log into your Facebook account
3.Go to your Facebook Wall
4.Click on the photo button, then click on upload Photo/video
5.Locate the photo you wish to upload as your main image from your hard drive and click OPEN

(The Facebook algorithm does not default to the first image – you must follow these steps to insure the Utility Room isn’t grabbed as your first image.)

6.(1) Type in your description that you want everyone to read about the listing, where it says “Say    something about this photo…”
7.(2) Paste the Published Virtual Tour URL link under the description
8. (3) Click on the Post button

  1. After selecting the Post Button you will need to click on the star in the upper right corner of the post.






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