How to upgrade My Computer's Internet Explorer?

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If you have Windows 10   -   Internet Explorer 11 is built into Windows 10, but it is not setup for you to be the Administrator.

To find IE in Win10 the first time    -  Left Click on Start Menu  (scroll down to the W’s)   >Left click Window Accessories  > Right click on Internet Explorer      >move cursor to  More    >right click on Run as Administrator   >  click Yes  when asked:  Do you want to allow this app…. 


Save  Internet Explorer to your Taskbar   - while using IE  -  Move your cursor to the E and the gold circle  - right click -  Left click on Pin to Taskbar.

Every time you want to log into RealBiz 360, using Internet Explorer, you will need to make yourself the admin.

First do not have anything open in Internet Explorer – completely close out.

Move your cursor (do not click -  just move the cursor) to the E with the gold circle

  1. Right click
  2. Right click on Internet Explorer
  3. Left click on Run As Administrator
  4. Left click Yes allow Microsoft

You are in Internet Explorer as an Administrator

  1. Log into RealBiz 360 as usual



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