Creating A Tour Using MLS Data Feed

Create a Tour with a MLS we have an association with

Click on the Tab  CREATE

Enter the Primary MLS #  (you must be the primary listing agent on the account to create your tour)

Click   Get MLS Data 

Wait a few seconds for it to load,

At the bottom of the page >Click Save Listing information.

Your images and information is loading to your account.

You are now in Manage Media.

To rearrange your current images >

Click and hold, drag to new position

You cannot delete the first image, instead, click on the

Image you want as the first, drag it into the first slot.

The image that was #1 is now #2 and can be deleted.

To Delete an image> Click on a image, then click on the Red X.

Step #5  Edit Audio to change your music selection-

Step #6 Edit Slideshow, select  Movie Mode Effect-(vertical images do not move)

 Click #8 Publish>Click Generate (if there are 3 options, make sure you select the

Second Relaxed MLS to ensure your non-branded link is sent to

The MLS.) You have now saved any changes you made to your tour.

The last page will display your two tour Links at the top of the page.

You may copy and paste into an email to send out to a client. 

To send to your selected websites, scroll down>Click  AGREE

and Click Submit

Your Tour has been published out.

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