Publishing To You Tube Channel

Millennials love searching YouTube - put your Listing on YouTube, included in your RealBiz 360 subscription!.

Here's how to create a YouTube of a Virtual Tour:

Click on the Market tab      (please note Silver accounts do not have the Market tab)
>Media Share
select Tour 

If you are prompted for YouTube Channel - select our Channel or enter the username and password for your YouTube Channel and click Verify.

Add Animated Agent & Listing Info 
click the box next to it to add your name and contact information to your YouTube Video   -   without this checked only your images will be on your YouTube - helpful if you want a non-branded video.

Do NOT click:  video publishing options- that starts you over again from scratch.

Add  Custom Search Term  -  one word search terms work best  --  if a potential buyer wants a certain feature, and you have it in your search terms - 
 your YouTube video ranks higher in the search results  IF  the search term matches exactly  -  sentences will not work   -   use a term  i.e.   pool  or  garage      

Create your YouTube   click:  Create Video        


We will email you your YouTube Video link within 3 to 24 hours - depending on how busy YT is  -  if you do not receive it within 24 hours, please email  with the MLS#  and the fact that the YT is stuck.  


To create a VIDEO for your You Tube see the Video section on the HELP DESK

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