Seller's Report & Stats

How do we compile our Statisics for the Sellers Report?


The number in Traffic shows the traffic but not how interested the viewer was, they could have just looked at the first page and moved on.  However, when you look at the "Number of times a Virtual Tour was Viewed" shows how active that look was.


If a tour has 40 pictures and ONE person clicks on the link, they have to upload 40 images. If they visit a site or sites to obtain the tour then that is another 40 images viewed for each time they visit and upload.


Let us say that this ONE person clicked on the video twice. Once from Trulia, = 40 images, then they watch the video on that’s another 40 images = 80 images hits to that particular tour.

And again on the other site that would be 120 images viewed

Now a different person does the same  x 2 ( people) = 120 x 2 = 240hits.

 So if you have 200 people looking at the tour on just _ONE_ web site then it would be 16,000 hits.

If you have numerous people watching the video on many sites then the number obviously would be higher.



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