ADD Images to Current Tour


Adding  Images After The Tour Has Been Created-


Manage Tab

>Select Tour to add Images to


>Click #3  Add Photos (add images in Internet Explorer)

>select the Images


System will take you to #4 Manage Media.

You cannot delete the first image  -  to change the first image

Select the image you want as #1, drag it into the first position

Now what was #1 has moved to #2, you may select it and click the red X

Drag and drop to move the images around to the order you’d like.


Do you want the images to move slightly while the tour is running?

#6 Edit Slideshow  Select Movie Mode Effect


When complete> click on #8 Publish

Choose Relaxed MLS# > Generate Tour 

At the top of this page are two tour links -you can preview them  here by clicking on the links -Select the websites to publish to  >  Agree  >  Submit  

Now your tour is published.


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