Creating your Panorama-Stitching Images

For Panorama Images   

***You need to be on Internet Explorer for your Browser with administrator privileges.

 Windows 10 automatically turns off the Administrator for IE.  You will have to follow these steps every time, we can’t override Win10 defaults.

Close out of Internet Explorer In the search box on your taskbar    (***see below if you don’t see the search box) Type: INT Move your cursor to: Internet Explorer Desktop App Right Click Left click on: Run as Administrator Click Yes to allow App to make changes.

You are in Internet Explorer as Administrator Log into RBM as usual.

*** If you do not see the Search box Move your cursor to the Flying Windows Logo click Move cursor up and click on Search In the Search Box – Type:  INT proceed as above.


NOTE-All images should be the same size and at least 360 X 240

          -Horizontal images are best for stitching


Manage Tab

Select the tour

> Edit

>Get Images

> Add images   (only images that you are stitching)

Hold down the Shift key and click on each image

Release Shift Key

>Click the Stitch button

you can now preview your panorama-

> Click accept

> Upload

> Publish and Generate to create Tour Links

Click on Tour link to review

You have not published out until you select the websites> Agree >Submit


When taking pictures of your listed property, be sure to shoot everything that you would
normally show a potential buyer if you were to take them on an actual tour in person.
When deciding how many pictures to take, it is best to take more than what you need;
you can always delete unused pictures later.
To create panoramas, you will take individual overlapping pictures. Make sure that your
camera is zoomed out all the way to capture as much of the scenery as possible. If you
are in a smaller room then maybe you don't want to do this. Use your discretion. One
thing you must remember is that there must be at least a 20% overlap between each
picture. When creating a 360-degree panorama, make sure your last picture overlaps with
the first one. A good rule of thumb is to think of stitching a panorama together is like putting a puzzle together just enough of one piece is available to interlock with the other piece to make one entire picture.


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