Create a tour manually

How do I create a Tour Manually?

Click on the CREATE  Tab -
Enter the information for your listing.
At the bottom of the page> Click Save Listing Information.

It will now bring you to #3 Add Photos> you can now upload from your hard drive.

When complete the system will take you to-
Step # 4 Manage Media-
You cannot delete the first image, > If you want to have another image
 you must First, drag another image into the #1 spot. 
The image that was #1 is now #2. Choose a default image over to the right of the screen. This image will show up as the primary image in your tour.

To Delete an image> Click on any image, then click on the Red X.
Go to #5 Edit Audio to change your music selection
Go to #6 Edit Slideshow, select Movie Mode Effect.
Click #8 Publish> Select the Relaxed MLS to create a non-branded link

>Click Generate
You have now saved your tour-
Your 2 tour links are at the top of this last page-
To send to your selected websites, click on box next to each> scroll down>Click AGREE
And Click Submit
Your Tour has been published out.

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