Create a tour manually

How do I create a Tour Manually?

Click on the CREATE  Tab -
Enter the information for your listing.
At the bottom of the page  >Click Save Listing Information.

#3 Add Photos   choose the images you want to add
>Click Upload

Step # 4 Manage Media-
FYI - You cannot delete the first image, if you want to have a different first image,  
please select a different image  >drag and drop it into the #1 spot. 
The image that was #1 is now #2 (and may be deleted by clicking the red X)
Set your default image - this image will show up as the primary image in your tour.

To Delete an image> click on any image and click the Red X.
Go to #5 Edit Audio to change your music selection
Go to #6 Edit Slideshow, change your transition

Click #8 Publish
> Select the Relaxed MLS  
>Click Generate 
You have now created a tour,  please review the tour links we have created. 
To send your links to the selected websites,

click on box next to each (Zillow, Trulia etc)

> scroll down>Click AGREE 
Click Submit
Your Tour has been published out.

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