ADD Voice Over to your images

Add a Voice-Over to your images



select the Tour


Add/Edit Audio

scroll down


Audio Voice Over Options

  1. a) Upload your own voice over

click Browse to find your mp3 voice over file

Click Publish Tour to SAVE the file to your Tour

Click Generate – to generate the links to the Tour

Click Agree and Submit to publish out the Tour


If you wish to remove your voice over from your Tour:



>select Tour


>Add/Edit Audio

scroll down to

Audio voice over options

  1. b) Add auto voice over

Uncheck the  box:     Check to add audio voice over


FYI   --   Only mp3 recordings are accepted.

If you have a prior version of Windows - (before 10) Start > Programs > Accessories >Entertainment > Sound > Recorder

In WIN10 - the Voice Recorder records in MP4 ( we need MP3.)

You will need to use a MP3 Recorder.   If you do not have a MP3 recorder, 

please search the web for a program to your liking.


 We have had good luck with this FREE program –

It’s actually free not a trial program and it did not set off anti-virus alarms.

Make sure to click:  > Make a Desktop Icon   so  you can easily find it.

To record: Click the Red, Record.  Start talking and click the stop button. Click on the recording to hear it - click Delete, if you don't Click the Tab:    Rename   -  to rename the recording. Click the Tab:    Playlist and Save  

 Please note where the Voice Over is saved to or change the destination folder.


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